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Kouvola Adult Education Centre
Salpausselänkatu 38

Servise desk

Mon-Thu 10-15, Fri closed
Email: kansalaisopisto( )kouvola.fi
Tel 020 615 4116


Tiina Kirvesniemi
tiina.kirvesniemi( )kouvola.fi

rehtori Tiina Kirvesniemi

Head of Education
Ulla Tommiska
ulla.tommiska( )kouvola.fi

Koulutuspaallikko Ulla Tommiska

Education Planner
Heidi Koskinen-Järvisalo
heidi.koskinen-jarvisalo( )kouvola.fi


The adult education centre continuously collects feedback on its activities. You can fill out the evaluation form on the city’s feedback page. Link to the feedback page

You can also propose a course. Some ideas might end up to new courses in the future.

Updated 4.6.2024

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