Kouvolan kansalaisopisto

A place of many joys, skills and knowledge

Whether you are interested in studying the Finnish language, want to learn a new skill, or start a hobby, the Adult Education Centre Kouvolan kansalaisopisto has something to offer you, regardless of your previous knowledge on the subject.

Kansalaisopisto provides courses in languages, health promotion (from wellbeing to physical activity), handicrafts, art, and theoretical subjects for individuals aged 16 and above. There are about 600 inspiring courses and events every year to choose from. Find the courses that resonate with your interests! Teaching is primarily in Finnish, but there are also some courses with instruction in other languages.


The courses for autumn 2024 are published on uusi.opistopalvelut.fi/kouvola. Enrollment for the courses will open on May 27th at 10 am. Browse the courses and see what we have to offer! Enrollment is available via opistopalvelut.fi/kouvola, by phone at 020 615 4116, or at the center’s service desks.

Browse courses at opistopalvelut.fi

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